Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Dan Kim / Clone Manga

Dan Kim from Clone Manga recently launched a Kickstarter to put his book NNN into print. It was successful, and copies are starting to arrive. What is NNN? He describes it as Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and House of Leaves, NNN is part comic, part novel, part puzzle. A strange, dream-like work permeated by feelings of loneliness, absence, and anxiety.

The dust jacket is nice, thick paper with a matt finish.

Underneath the jacket it's blue linen with foil stamping.

Aesthetically the book is rather pleasing and ties in well with the overall theme.

 Dan's autograph on the dust jacket.

The included ontological tethering device (bookmark); the Anti Witch Protection Seal.

Several of the tiers involved getting a sketch. I went for the early bird sketch that meant I got a request. Here's mine! I actually asked for Irisviel but I ended up with Illya (`・ω・´)”.

The other bonuses were two mini card posters and a club cupcake membership card!

There are also a range of digital extras including additional comics and artwork. Overall it's a nice package and I'm glad to have ordered it. 

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