Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Angel Voice

Angel Voice
Kinoko Nasu and Takeuchi Takashi

One of the first works released by Nasu and Takeuchi, around the time they formed Type-Moon. 

It contains the short story "Notes" by Nasu and a manga, Clockwick Canaan-Veil by Takeuchi. Notes contains the foundations of the modern Type-Moon stories, and even gave the company it's name.

The title page of Notes.

And Clockwick Canaan-Veil.

Angel Voice was orginally released in 1999 at Comita 48, and is now fairly rare. I paid 21,000 for mine shipped. I was going to take photos of the insides but it's sealed so I suppose I'll leave it like that. The contents were later reprinted in the Tsukihime Blue Book anyway.

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