Monday, 17 June 2013

Alice Kuonji Dollfie Dream

Alice Kuonji Dollfie Dream

Alice also comes with her outdoor accessories; cape, hat and gloves.

A closeup of the detailing on the boots. 

Alice and Aoko on my desk, showing the scale a little.

Alice was 58,800 yen. Including shipping and her casual clothes set, the grand total was 72,340 yen. As usual with Dollfies, she's unavailable now and you will have to look at the secondary market to find her.

Volks have really improved the Dollfie Dream line over the past few years, and the Witch on the Holy Night girls look great.


  1. Wow, I'm used to seeing Saber dollfies, but I was unaware these two. They look great! I only started getting into Type Moon this year, aside from the (at the time, stand-alone) PSP game Fate/Extra. Now I'm working on playing everything! xD Thanks for sharing nice photos of Alice and Aoko!

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