Monday, 8 April 2013

Kiritsugu and Saber Max Factory Refined Ver.

Kiritsugu and Saber Refined Ver
Max Factory

This is another rerelease, this time of Zero Versions of Saber and Kiritsugu. Unlike the Shiki rerelease however these have been changed a fair bit and are now known as "Refined Ver."

The packaging is pretty nice with the bold colors inside. Not too sure about that big 'refined' text though.

Kiritsugu got a big upgrade. His face in particular looks way better.

By default he's holding a cigarette but an optional hand is provided so he can hold his signature Thompson Contender instead if you want.

Saber is quite nice as well but I think I prefer the old one. Certainly not as much of an upgrade as Kiritsugu anyway.

The rerelease price of these two was quite good value. Kiritsugu in particular was going for insane prices before this rerelease so now's the chance to get them if you are interested.

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  1. Thanks for the close-up photo of the Thompson; I kept my Kiritsugu figure sealed, so this review was much appreciated. If I open his packaging, though, I'm displaying him with the cigarette. He would look great next to Alter's KnK Touko figure.

    I definitely agree with you about the "Refined" script looking a little cheesy. I suppose one could argue that Saber is a classy enough heroine for "refined" to make at least a little bit of sense.