Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review: 3A Metal Gear REX

Metal Gear REX Quick Review

Rex has landed!


Machine guns: 2x 30 mm XGAU-8R rotary cannons
Missiles: AGM-114P Hellfire anti-tank missiles
Laser: Mobile Tactical High-Energy Laser (100+ MW free-electron laser)
Railgun: 18.5m Rail Gun ("Widowmaker" Conventional / Nuclear Warhead)

REX is the titular Metal Gear from the videogame Metal Gear Solid. This version of him was created by toy company 3A, who are usually better known for their designer 1/6 and 1/12 scale toys. It's been several years in the making and has finally been released!

Rex ships in this outer packaging. It's marked as the exclusive version because I got it directly from the 3A store, Bambaland. The 3A exclusive version comes with a small figure of Solid Snake and a poster of the boxart.

Here's Rex's box itself! I l really like the clean, minimalistic style they've gone with.

Opening up the box we see the instruction manual, the poster, and a nice glossy brochure for 3A toys.

Here it is outside of the packaging. In this picture it's still covered in tape and packing material, so moving along...

This is the railgun! Woah, it's huge.

Here he is all assembled.

The sculpt is excellent, and the paintwork is well applied too. He's pretty damn accurate to his in game appearance.

A closeup of one of the feet.

The radome. The cover is removable to expose the mechanical parts inside, to simulate the part where it gets blown up.

This is the laser cannon underneath REX's belly. It swivels up and down on some kind of ratchet and clicks into place.

There are many, many removable and adjustable parts. Here I show the removal of the armour on the knee section.

Here it is above with the knee armour parts removed.

This is the arm holding the Railgun. It is nicely detailed with pistons and swivels up and down. It could be better if it was a little more stiff but it works well enough.

The mouth opens to reveal the cockpit and pilot seat.

A front view, along with the game!

More removable armour panels, this time on his back.

The power generator.

Articulation on the feet.

3 grenade launchers. They are removable and there are 3 on each leg.

This is the solid snake pilot. There was some controversy when it was first shown over the quality, but I think he looks perfectly fine. He's pretty small, so the zoomed in photos don't really accurately depict him.


Did I mention there are lights? The railgun is really bright. It has a really cool launch sequence where the LED's race along the length and then build up in brightness. There are also headlights on the front, and lights inside the cockpit, but I didn't get pics of those.

Look out! Aoko has taken over the pilot seat! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Putting ridiculous pilots in is one of the best parts.

I didn't really show it here because I'm still getting used to how the joints work, but REX can pull off a HUGE number of poses. The railgun can be turned upwards into launch position for example, and the legs are fully articulated. I've even seen pics of Rex standing completely upright on his legs! The joints are perfectly fine but don't feel incredibly sturdy, so I think it's more of a display piece than something to play around with a lot. Be careful!

This really is more of a quick look than a review. There are a LOT of features to this guy, so you might want to look at a more in-depth article if you are interested!

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