Friday, 4 January 2013

Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Soundtrack Reproduction

F/SN Realta Nua Soundtrack Reproduction First Print Edition
Type-Moon / Aniplex

This is the remastered soundtrack released to coincide with the PS Vita re-release of F/SN Realta Nua. It features remakes of the old music from the Fate/Stay Night visual novel.

It's packaged in a long cardboard box with an outer plastic sleeve. The writing is printed on the sleeve, so when it's removed you have clean text-free artwork.

The back of the packaging shows the track listing on each disk.

And here is the front again with the sleeve removed. There is a great new piece of Takeuchi art featured on the front depicting Saber in Avalon.

Opening it up there are three color themed disks inside, with Saber, Archer and Rider's command spells on respectively.

The track information is printed in a small booklet which features a closeup of the front cover art.

Some of the new tracks are great, the new Sword of Promised Victory for example is a nice improvement in my opinion. Others aren't so great but it's interesting to hear the new versions nonetheless.


  1. That's pretty nice ! The cover with Saber is splendid !!!

  2. Really nice! I couldn't find an unboxing and there it is.