Sunday, 13 January 2013

Fate/Extra PSP Limited Edition + Figma

Fate/Extra PSP Limited Edition with Figma 
Type-Moon / Marvelous Entertainment

Here we have the Japanese Limited Edition of the Fate/Extra PSP game! Fate/Extra is a spin off which is set in the future and is generally quite bizarre.  It's most well known for having a new version of Saber, Saber Extra, and she adorns the front of the box! This limited edition was bundled in a box with a soundtrack, a book, and a figma.

On another side we have Rin.

And the other side, Caster/Extra.

The back of the box.

The game itself is in a pretty standard PSP case.

The artbook is only a few pages but is presented in a nice little hardback. The soundtrack is housed inside the book.

Next up, we have the figma! Saber Extra, or Nero, is a pretty nice figma. Her skirt is done with transparent plastic to give it the trademark see through appearance.

The back of the figma.

She comes with an alternate face and hairstyle and her huge sword, Aesus Estus. The reason she has two hairstyles and faces is because one is in the style of artist Rco Wada and one is in the style of Takeuchi Takeshi.

If you preordered, you also got another bonus little hardback book! This one is quite cool. It's called "Fate/the Fact" and is meant to be an "internet deep culture magazine"

It comes with a 16 Terrabyte HVD-R! (Actually it's a CD with some bonus stuffs on it.)


  1. Is the Fate/Extra PSP case supposed to come sealed in shrink-wrap? I found a Fate/Extra game box and figma in "new" condition through a video game vendor, but believe it's been opened. I know the figure itself has been opened because the sword's plastic wrapper has been removed and was randomly placed under Saber's skirt.

    My fear is that there are enough Saber Extra bootlegs floating around that I shouldn't accept a "repackaged" figure, even if it comes with the game and visual works book in the proper but opened packaging.

    I’m usually good at spotting a fake but, other than a gap between her the top of her hair and her head, the figure is relatively decent looking. All the counterfeit Saber Extra’s I’ve seen photos of look pretty close to the real one.

    Please advise me if you can, your collection is thorough enough that I’d trust your advice.

    BTW your Dollfies are amazing.

    1. Hey,

      Do you mean the PSP game case itself? If so, yes, it's definitely shrink wrapped when new. You can see a little tear strip right at the bottom on this picture:

      However, every bootleg figma that I've seen has not come with the game at all, just sold as "figure only". So I think it's more likely that you've been sold a used copy as new :)

    2. Thanks for the info - your probably right that it's a used and returned item. The price was great for a new item but not so much for Used since I'm mostly interested in the figma. I'll look over the Saber and decide what to do.