Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Review: 1/3 Scale Fate/Zero Saber Motorbike

Fate/Zero 1/3 Scale Motorbike
Valkyrie Gate / Volks

A while back I ordered a custom 1/3 scale model of Saber's Motored Cuirassier. It was made by Valkyrie Gate, a doll company who was selling a limited edition of 35 bikes. It arrived yesterday! 

The parcel is the biggest one I've ever recieved; I put my phone on it to give an idea of the scale.

And here's another pic with Saber Lily nendoroid on top.

It was really well packed, and thankfully survived the journey in one piece.

So, this is what it looks like unpacked! You can see the 1/8 scale Good Smile Company Motored Cuirassier figure that I put there as a comparison. This version is 1/3 scale.

The Cuirassier is a Yamaha V-MAX modified and armored by Saber's servant abilities. This is what it looks like by itself.

Some more angles.

The bike actually has moving wheels and working steering. In fact, the lights light up as well!

A close up of the rear light. This is one of the parts that can light up.

But, what would be the use of a 1/3 scale motorbike without a 1/3 scale Saber to go with it?!


It's Saber! This is the Saber Lily Dollfie, dressed in a Valkyrie Gate Suit with leekeworld shoes.

I love the job Valkyrie Gate made on the suit. It's the best fitting dollfie suit I've ever seen for sure. Actually, the shoes are one of my favorite parts; they are from leekeworld and they look really great.

A closeup of Saber's suit.

It's the motored pose!

Overall I'm really happy with both the Bike and the Suit. The bike is handmade and some areas of the painting are a little rough but overall it's well made and looks really impressive. The bike was $680 including EMS shipping, and the suit was $70 with shipping included in the bike. The shoes were $40 + EMS shipping from leekeworld.


  1. What listing on Leekeworld were those shoes from? They look like they're really high quality compared to the plastic obitsu shoes I got(stole them from Misaka Mikoto but gotta give em back eventually)


      Yeah, they're really nice!

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