Thursday, 20 September 2012

Saber Alter Solid Theater Limited Edition

Saber Alter
Solid Theater Limited Edition

Solid Theater/Movic/Gift's Sabers are known for being less anime styled than some of the other Saber figures such as the Good Smile company versions. Some people hate it and others love it; I'm one of the later.

The one being reviewed here is the limited edition version of Saber Alter, which was only sold at WonFes 2008.

The normal version looks like this. As you'll see, the head is completely different on this version. She has a softer face and doesn't have Saber's trademark bun. She's let her hair down.

The front and back of the box. The box is fairly standard but protects the figure well enough.

This sticker on the box is the only thing on the packaging that differentiates the limited edition. It was second hand so the box is a little scuffed but the figure is in good condition.

And here she is unboxed. Her skirt and flowing hair are blowing as if in the wind. The armor is spiky and vicious looking and a slight departure from the 'official' look. I'm not familiar with any of Solid Theater's other work but they did a brilliant job on this. The painting is well defined and the scuplt is as well.

She looks like she could murder you at any second - which is what Saber Alter is supposed to look like :>

The view from behind. You can see her long hair again here.

I really like this. It's probably my favorite Saber statue. I bought it from Yahoo Auctions, although I've seen it on Mandarake in the past.

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