Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kyoto, Haru by RubiconHearts

Kyoto, Haru
Takeuchi Takashi (Type-Moon)
Kobayashi Jin (School Rumble)

RubiconHearts is a doujin circle comprised of Takeuchi Takeshi of Type-Moon and Kobayashi Jin, artist of School Rumble. They aim to produce printed works of art that cannot yet be rivalled by digital technology, and their first work is Kyoto, Haru, (Kyoto, Spring) released at Comiket 77. Did they succeed? I'd say so.

They've gone for an enormous A3 format, which means that there are some A2 sized spreads inside; I've shown the Prisma Illya petit for scale. The print quality is stunning, which goes along with the goal of re-embracing printed work.

The first section of the book is entirely by Takeuchi. We see scenes of a beautiful Kyoto in springtime, along with some original characters.

The enormous format really gets across the feeling of the artwork.

At the midway point, we get a brilliant centerfold, half by Takeuchi and half by Kobayashi.

From that point onwards, it's all Kobayashi Jin's work.

I primarly bought this because I'm a fan of Takeuchi's work, but the whole thing is brilliant. It's 36 pages in total, all of which are used well.

I found Kyoto, Haru on Mandarake for 3000 yen.

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