Monday, 5 March 2012

Saber Extra Dollfie Dream Review

Saber Extra Dollfie Dream
Type-Moon x Volks 

The pinnacle of the arts. The flower of Olympia. The tyrant of Rome. 
In todays words, it's Red Saber!

As Type-Moon fans will already know, Saber Extra is a different character to the usual Saber we are familiar with. I've been waiting for this since it was shown a few months ago so it's great to finally have it.

The box is really nicely done, I wasn't sure online but it looks good in person.

Some nice graphics on the back.

Opening up and revealing Saber and her instructions.

And her clothes and accessories. Getting them on is a long and delicate procedure so I skipped straight to it.

Ignore my boring poses...


I took the following shot to show the high level of detail in the embroidery.

Detailing on the front of the dress.

Some close ups of her face. I think it's the best of the Saber DD faces personally. Saber Extra has a really different personality from normal Saber and I think it shows quite well.

The outfit looks just right. The wig is really nicely done; it's pretty much a clone of the original Saber wig but with red ribbons. The bun looks great. Unlike the Saber Lily wig which could fall apart this one is pretty strong so there's no need to worry about it too much.

Her back. The revealing window is present and accounted for. The instruction manual shows two different ways of doing up the dress; I strongly recommend following the second way, because the first way is likely to result in the buttons being ripped off.

This shot shows the hair ribbons and epaulets!

This is her sword, Aestus Estus; The Embryonic Flame. It is absolutely huge and really well done. A random fact: this sword was designed by Huke of BRS fame.

Next her armored boots. This is the only armor that Saber Extra has.

You can see her trademark transparent skirt here.
"It's not see through, I'm letting people see!"

This is how she looks in my cabinets with the other dollfies and the GSC 1/7th statues:

And that's about it! Anyone who's got her ordered won't be disappointed. She's pretty impressive even after seeing the others. Saber Extra was 72,450 yen from the Volks international store. Orders have since closed but if anyone is desperate to get one there are loads around on auctions.


  1. Thanks for the amazing review and your shots will be really helpful with sculpting/scaling the sword for my cosplay.