Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Love is War DX - Miku Hatsune GSC 1/8th Review

Love is War DX - Miku Hatsune
Good Smile Company

Wow, a post that isn't Type-Moon related! Today I'm showing the long awaited Love is War 1/8 scale statue by Good Smile Company. This was announced over two years ago now as far and was hotly anticipated when it first appeared, and now it's finally out. This figure shows a different side of Miku to usual and is probably my favorite vocaloid appearance along with Meltdown for Rin, which luckily also got a figure a while back.

First off, that shipping box. Woah. One of the largest I've had, it certainly rivals even 1/4 scale boxes. Luckily, GSC offer a flat rate of 2000 yen on their EMS shipments, which was a real lifesaver here. This would have cost 8000 to ship for sure from most shops. Shipping was slow as is usual with the GSC store, and tracking numbers didn't work for a lot of people. It arrived safely in the end though, which is the main thing.

Once we get that out of the way, we see the Love is War box itself. I really like how they've styled it, it's pretty smart in my opinion and fits the theme well. No window on this box but lets face it, it would be pretty useless anyway. Other than the illustrations you can see here, the box is totally black. I guess people know what they're getting when they order this so there was no need to cover the box with text.

Instructions! Usually I leave figure instructions in the box but that wasn't happening here. The construction of this was elaborate and probably would be really daunting if it was your first figure.

I decided to assemble the base first. I didn't take pictures of the process because I was focusing on making it. The base has some fairly fiddly parts but nothing too difficult if you take your time. It's impressive once assembled though, and it's probably the best statue base that I've ever come across.

An extreme close up of one of the large megaphones. These were exlusive to the DX Ver which was only available directly from Good Smile Company.

The weathering effects on the base are nicely executed in my opinion. The sculpt is really detailed too, with plenty of bolts and minor details scattered around.

And now for the main attraction, Miku herself. The base was okay to build; Miku really wasn't. Putting in her twintails needed an insane amount of force, I was worried about breaking them or even snapping her head off. After much pushing and turning they finally went in. Be warned! Once together though she looks great.

The pose and overall theme evoke the song and illustration rather well.

Love is War Miku was illustrated by Shirou Miwa. I'm a fan of his works and I'm lucky enough to own one of his comiket doujins, Vocaloid Visual Works. It has all the original Love is War artwork in, so I planned to display the two together.

This is the actual original illustration which this figure is based on:

And lastly, here is where I put the statue on display. I was expecting it to be large but it really is huge.

If you're interested in Love is War I'd advise hunting down either this or the normal version if possible. The quality is great and it does justice to the Love is War theme. The main gripe (other than the price) is probably the difficulty of getting the thing together, but once it's done it's certainly worth the effort.

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