Sunday, 16 October 2011

Prisma Illya Limited Box

Prisma Illya 4 Limited Edition Box
Type-Moon / Kadokawa / GSC

I haven't updated much lately because new loot has been pretty sparse, I've been saving for a big haul at the end of the year. Today I'm showing the limited edition Prisma Illya boxset. Prisma Illya is a lighthearted magical girl spin off from Type Moon's well known Fate/Stay Night. The boxset comes with the 4th edition of the Prisma manga, a puchi nendoroid of Illyasviel herself and a drama CD.

The packaging is pretty cute. You can see it's not the usual Type Moon fare. (Or is it?)

It's a sturdy box, and there's a little window on the back so you can see Illya.

This is the contents of the box!

This is the drama CD, with some nice artwork. It comes in a cardboard sleeve.

Here's a closeup of the manga.

Here is a sample of the kind of thing you can expect to find...

...slightly more unexpected was this awesome fight between Bazett and Dark Gilgamesh. アンサラー!

And here's what a lot of you have probably been waiting for, the petit nendoroid! It's really cute, and seems well made. Quality wise it's the usual nendoroid fare.

It comes with this silly optional face!

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this set. It's pretty cheap and I think it's still in stock at most online stores. If you are a Type Moon fan or just want something fun then I recommend getting it.

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