Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Saber Summer Version by Alter

Saber Summer Version 1/8

Today's arrival is the 1/8 scale Saber summer version by Alter. This was recently released at a nice price of 4800 yen. It's a nice, simple figure with the usual good quality you'd expect from Alter.

Here's the figure in it's box, which is transparent plastic with a cardboard liner. I quite like the design of the box, makes a change from chunky cardboard ones.

Side view. 

This is the back of the box. Alter included a postcard showing the original artwork the figure was based on, which is a nice touch. As you can see there is a matching Rin Tohsaka figure to go with Saber but I didn't order her yet. After seeing how nice Saber is, I probably will get Rin in the future.

Here's a better view of the postcard.

The figure was in a plastic inner which is standard for scaled figures. As you can see it doesn't come with any accessories, which probably goes towards explaining the low price.

The paintwork is nicely done with no smudging or blurred edges.

The base. It has "a sometime summer holiday" written on it. Saber attaches with two small pegs on the base.

Black ribbon and ponytail. Usually Saber Lily's trademark but it's apparently just Saber.

All in all, a very nice figure for the price. It makes a refreshing change from all the armoured versions of Saber. I can recommend it to any Saber fans out there :)

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