Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rin Summer Version by Alter

Rin Tohsaka Summer Version 1/8

I got Alter's Summer version Saber recently and I was impressed enough to order Rin Tohsaka to complete the set. She costs 4800yen, the same as Saber, which is fairly low for a statue from a high end manufacturer.

The box is exactly the same as Sabers. I like this transparent box, it makes a change from the normal cardboard ones. It reminds me of Alter's 1/8 KOS-MOS.

And the back. The same postcard is included with this one too, showing the original artwork they were based on.

In the blister.

The base. It doesn't actually have any method of attachment to the figure, she just sits on top. This base has a nice feature that allows it to interlock with Saber's base, which I'll show later. If you just want to display her on her own though, it appears just like a normal base.

Now we get to Rin herself. The quality is spot on so I'll just let the pictures do the talking for this one.

Here's the base feature I mentioned earlier. A section gets removed from the bottom. It's designed pretty well so that the top is still one piece, so you can't tell that it comes apart when looking at it from the top.

Here is the set together.

And here is the way the bases can fit together. I pretty much have the same verdict as I did for Saber; it's a great figure for the price with the usual quality you'd expect from Alter, and the two look great together. Recommended for any Rin fans!

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