Friday, 29 July 2011

Tsukihime - Tsukibako Edition

Tsukihime - Tsukibako Edition

Here we have a recent acquisition of mine, Tsukibako (Lunar Box). This is a release of Type-Moon's first visual novel, Tsukihime, that combines the original game with its expansion Kagetsu Tohya, and the Tsukihime Plus Disk.

It was originally released in 2003, for what price I do not know. It has since become reasonably hard to come across. I picked mine up off Mandarake for 15000 yen; if you are interested in buying Tsukibako, check them out.

The game comes in an outer cardboard box which is just large enough to hold a double CD case. The set was actually a little smaller than I was expecting.

Inside the box the CD case is revealed, with a nice picture of Arcueid.

And Len on the other side.

Inside in the first compartment we've got Tsukihime and a leaflet with Arc on the front. This edition of Tsukihime has an improved musical score over the original.

The leaflet goes through the contents of the set with some brief instructions.

The back of the leaflet.

And in the other part we've got Kagetsu Tohya and the Plus Disk with some pretty silly artwork.

I managed to get the game running easily using mirror moon's translation patch. You just run the patch exe, put in the disk, and it does all the rest. You have to manually rip the music if you want music (which you do) but that was pretty easy as well.

All in all it's a nice set, although it's no where near as elaborate as some of the later ones like the Fate/Stay Night first editions.


  1. I have seen your blog thoroughly today and I realized that you are rich. I'm going to buy
    Tsukibako tomorrow. I had new one but sold for $250 and buying another new one for $150
    isn't it great? Anyway, why don't you buy fate stay night?

    1. Hey, good find with Tsukibako!

      I will probably get Fate/Stay Night at some point, I'm waiting for the special edition to show up at a decent price. Trying to avoid Yahoo Auctions as much as I can because the middleman fee gets really costly.