Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kara no Kyoukai Blu-Ray Boxset

Kara no Kyoukai Blu-Ray Boxset
Type-Moon / Ufotable

Today I took delivery of the Kara no Kyoukai Blu-Ray set, and it's lovely so I decided to write a little bit about it. I'm not going to review the actual anime here, as it's a little beyond beyond the scope of this article, but needless to say I think it's great.

For those who don't know about KnK, here is a short promotional video:

Now, on to the boxset! It came in this sturdy, fairly plain outer box, which shows standard information you'd expect on the back of a film case. Run time, name, price, specs. The footage on the disks is 1080p but it is an upscale. The sound is uncompressed PCM, in stereo and 5.1. All disks have both Japanese and English subtitles.

The outer box has a handle and opens in a manner somewhat resembling that of a suitcase. A layer of bubble wrap protects what is inside.

Next, we have the boxset itself, protected by foam and two cardboard protectors. There is little chance of damage in transit here.

Now we reach the good part; the box set itself. It's a faux-leather kind of effect, with engraved silver writing with a very high quality piece of artwork to finish it off. Click if you want to see any more detail.

The boxset then opens up like a book, unfolding to reveal a book containing the Blu-Rays, and some more inscribed writing.

Here is a closeup of the Book containing the 8 Blu-Ray disks of the set. The book is lined with blue velvet and carries the title
"the Garden of sinners / Blu-ray Discs".

Opening the blue book we are faced with the eight disks. Each of the seven films is provided on it's own disk, with an eighth disk for extras. The disks each feature a lovely piece of Takeuchi art depicting a scene from the revelant film.

Following is a close up of each disk:

1: 俯瞰風景 - Thanatos

2: 殺人考察 - ...and nothing heart

3: 痛覚残留 - ever cry, never life

4: 伽藍の洞 - garan-no-dou

5: 矛盾螺旋 - Paradox Paradigm

6: 忘却録音 - Fairy Tale

7: 殺人考察 - not nothing heart

8: Special Disk

The extra disk contains a 30 minute new epilogue movie "Kara no Kyoukai", an hour long recap movie "Kara no Kyoukai Remix -Gate of seventh heaven-" and a tv program with some ufotable interviews.

Underneath the book of disks is another book, identical in form but made of red velvet. It is the artbook, entitled
"the Garden of sinners / Visual Chronicle".

I have taken some photos of some of the pages to illustrate the type of content in the book. It's brilliantly produced and features some lovely high quality artwork.

That concludes my overview of the set. The set retailed for 50,000 yen and is now out of print, but it can be found online at the usual aftermarket sources.  I personally got mine from Mandarake for 30,000. I highly recommend it for Type-Moon or KnK fans. If you haven't seen the anime at all, give it a shot.

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  1. Damn... this is awesome!
    So sad I became a huge TypeMoon fan so late >< I don't suppose it is even possible to find this Blu-Ray set for sale in Japan, let alone the rest of the world DX
    I've managed to collect all TypeMoon media (except PRISMA, of which I am not a fan), except for Fate/Stay Night UBW (UFOtable). The hardest things to get were definitely the VN sets - but I got the nicest ones in the end.
    I have the Blu-Ray set for Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night and Carnival Phantasm, but could only find the DVD set for Kara no Kyoukai and the extra episode of Carnival Phantasm :/
    I mean, hell, I still love them all, it's just that bit better to own something you truly love on Blu-Ray ^^;